Thunderslot 2022 Race Series Race 5 Results

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Thunderslot Race 5 was held way back on May 7; please pardon the late posting.  Five members raced that day.  David emerged victorious, with 231 laps.  John was second and Stephen was third.  In heat #1 Butch surged to the lead, completing 78 laps.  Stephen was second with 71 and Randy had 66.  David’s quick lap of 3.635 seconds was a very quick lap, but it was still short of Ary’s lap record.

In the second heat, David completed 76 laps, with Randy at 71 laps and Mark L. at 69.  Heat 3 saw John race, turning 74 laps, with MarkL at 70 and Randy at 68.  John upped his game in Heat 4, completing 76 laps to Stephen’s 72 and Mark L.’s 69.

David returned for the final heat and ran 77 laps, followed by Stephen at 74 and John at 73.




The YouTube video can be seen here:

Austin Slot Car Club – Thunderslot – Race 5 – May, 7th 2022 – YouTube


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