ThunderSlot 2019 – Round 1

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Whew! Well, the first race of the Thunderslot LolaT70 Series for 2019 was one for the books. The action was hot and heavy, with fierce competition throughout the field, as thunderstorms raged outside. With thirty seconds to go in the final heat, there was a clap of thunder and the lights went out. It was only momentary, but long enough to crash the computers. The track computer had an auto-save through the previous heat, but there was no saving of the race video. Ary was able to recover the first ten heats but there was no easy way to resume the race. The final heat had to be re-run as a separate race. Between Ary’s work and Steve compiling data, the race was saved.

There were terrific battles in all the heats, but without the video I cannot recall specifics. I know Steve had car problems and I believe that Mark L. did as well. Ary’s beautiful car was the class of the field, but Marty was close, as was David. John had a great race, fast and consistent, to finish just off the podium and first in Group B. Erik was second in B, with Randy third.

There were different approaches to car setup. Ary was the lightest, at 57 grams, while David’s car weighed 73 grams and Marty’s 71. Downforce varied from 28 grams to 47 grams, due primarily to rear tire diameter.

There were number of great car liveries as well. Enjoy!

Ary B.

Alejandro G.
David C.
Erik K.
John B.

Mark L.
Mark T.
Marty M.
Randy A.
Russell M.
Stephen B.
Overall Leaderboard
Group A Leaderboard
Group B Leaderboard

All in all, a great start to the series.

Don’t miss Round 2!


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