2019 Slot It Group C – Race #6 Results and Final Standings

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The end-season race brought a few surprises. With the overall championship sewn-up, Marty chose to field his #25 Nissan over his season-dominating Porsche. Further, Marc T. piloted his Lancia around the turns for the first time this season. Finally, Roy made a rare showing and ran a Lancia to round out the 10 entrants.

Alejandro set the initial pace with his Lancia and it was nip and tuck to the finish over Marty, the latter only being able to pull out a 3rd place finish when Alejandro pipped him by 1 lap at the end. But it was David who put his mark on this race with a win using his Lancia, over 5 laps ahead of his closest challenger.

There were no surprises in the Group B races as John was able to make it a perfect 6 races won for 6 races started to take the win with (yet another) Lancia that served him well all year. Erik gave him a run for his money, though, as he fell just a couple laps shy with his Mercedes.

That rounded out the year’s Group C season. While the results were consistent, the events didn’t feel that way at all – with the win typically being cemented only in the last minute of the final heat. Lots of great competition and great cars – hope to see this series back again in the future!

The field!
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