GT Series – Final Results

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The 2011 Unlimited GT Series came to a close on Saturday, 17 December.  Six drivers competed in this last race, including one of the club’s newest members, Kevin F, who proved to be a very smooth driver, placing 4th in the field on one of his first outings. Way to go Kevin!

Two of the strongest racers in the series weren’t able to run due to other commitments, but the racing was no less exciting. The remaining drivers went at it, with many pushing hard in their last chance to secure the fastest racing lap of the year.

Throughout the race Shawn used his McLaren to great effect, outpacing the rest of the field by just over 2.5 laps in the end. Jim turned in a solid second place finish with his (now reliable) Mosler.  Marty’s run was complicated by a car that consistently did one of the smoothest (and stealthy) deslots of season, confusing the corner marshal twice about which lane to reslot the car.  (In spite of the lane sticker!!  Sorry Marty!)  Brian’s Makers Mark Corvette was finally tamed with a new sidewinder conversion, but the combination of insufficient tuning time and a body that would pop off of the HRS2 chassis way too easily severely hampered its chances of turning in a solid heat.


After the controllers were put down and cars were cooling their motors Jim emerged as the Unlimited GT winner. Consistent podium finishes throughout the series secured Jim the top spot on leader board.  He is followed by Russell in second place, and then Shawn, who tied in points with Roy for third place overall, but outpaced him on total laps run, securing the final podium place.


Photo: Russell, Jim and Shawn


It was an interesting series and I think most of the drivers learned a lot about car setup in an open class. Congratulations to all!

See ya’ll next year!!


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