Ford vs Ferrari Race #1

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Ford vs. Ferrari Slot Car Series Race 1
by Lotus Jr.

First race of the year showcased a new series. Slot.It Ford GT40s were pitted against Policar Ferrari 330Ps and 412Ps on the Austin Slot Car Club’s fast, tough road course. Both cars are sidewinders with somewhat similar chassis dimensions. Would these cars work out of the box? The class was designed as a “stock” class, with few changes allowed. Would one marque dominate the series? How would the cars handle?

Entries consisted of five Ford GT 40s and four Ferraris. The Ferraris were Scuderia red and two yellow Ecurie Francorchamps cars. Ford was represented by the legendary Gulf blue and orange two-time LeMans victor, the black Bruce McLaren LeMans winner, the Ken Miles white Daytona winner, an Allan Mann wine red entry and a green custom livery. The grid was a 1/32 scale stuff of real legends.

Immediately, it was clear that this was going to be a fun and competitive series. Both cars were real racers. Racing was close in mid-pack A and in B group.


Heat One- John entered the #98 Ken Miles Daytona winner. Erik brought a red 330P. Randy ran the beautiful wine red Mann GT40. John finished with 70 laps, Erik 69 and Randy 63.

Heat Two- Marc entered the fray with a yellow Belgian Ferrari. John finished with 70, Marc 69 and Randy 63 laps.


Heat Three- Marty brought his Francorchamps Ferrari and cracked off 74 laps. Despite a de-slot by John’s #98 resulting in a hard impact, it finished with 72. Marc followed up with a close 70.


Heat Four- Lance came to the grid with the Bruce McLaren GT40 LeMans winner and turned 69 laps. Marc ran a strong 72. Marty really found his speed with a blistering 75 laps and a low time of 3.845 seconds.

Heat Five- Jay joined the race with his red 330P and ran 60 laps. Marty found another 75 laps to win the heat and Lance followed up with 69.

Heat Six- Brian came with the #6 GT40 two-time winner and looked great with 71 laps as did Lance with a competitive 71. Jay is showing real progress for a new driver with 60.

Heat Seven- New member Melvin entered a lime green GT40 in the yellow lane with 59 laps. Jay improved with a 61 in the blue lane. Brian won the heat with a strong 71 laps.

Heat Eight- Erik returned with a 69 in yellow. Brian finished blue with 70. Melvin followed up with 60.

Heat Nine- Randy finished in yellow lane with 62 laps. Mel ran 60 and Erik won the heat with 69 laps.

Overall- Marty’s Ferrari took a strong Round One victory with 224.14 laps and best time of 3.845. Brian’s GT40 edged John’s Ford for 2nd with 212.32 laps vs. John’s 212.09 laps for 3rd. Marc was 4th, Lance 5th, Erik 6th, Randy 7th, Jay 8th and Melvin 9th.

Both marques and drivers did themselves proud. The Ford vs. Ferrari is going to be a hotly contested series. Join us for the next round in the series on February 4th at 1pm central time.

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