Can Am 2022 Round 4 Results

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The fourth round of the Can AM 2022 race series saw a pretty good turnout at HQ, despite a couple of members being unable to attend.   A former member, Lance, returned to the Austin area after having moved away.  It was great to see him.  There were 9 racers this time.   The racing was good; the getting together was great!








The race video can be seen here:

Austin Slot Car Club -Can AM – Race 4 – Sept, 8th 2022 – YouTube


  4 comments for “Can Am 2022 Round 4 Results

  1. I will be posting the template for the heats graphic in the Templates folder in the RMS Files on the website if anyone wants to use it. The data will need to be manually entered, and centered in each cell (if desired). I thought it was useful to see the results, heat by heat. I only put in the car weights on the first heat the driver runs, so car stats are in the Yellow lane for each car, except for the first heat where all three car stats are posted.

  2. Russ- the Heat Graph is great. It provides a quick mapping of results vs. critical setup stats like weight and DF.
    (I think a tear-down is needed on Erik’s and Steve’s cars – LOL. Where are they hiding their magnets?)

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