2013 Scalextric GT Series – Round 4

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The low temperatures on Saturday brought decidedly different track conditions, challenging drivers with previously solid setups and predictable performance to adapt quickly. The cool temps (57 degrees F) seemed to favor Marty and his Bilstein Audi as he turned in fast lap after fast lap, turning in a very impressive 216 laps with a high-point of 73 laps in the yellow lane! In the absence of Shawn and his Aston Martin most of the racers thought Saturday would be a battle between the leading Corvettes. With Marty’s explosion on to the scene it turned out to be a battle for the best of the rest.

“The rest”, while not on par with Marty’s Audi, still enjoyed some great racing. Brian and Russell in the their respective Corvettes finished less than one lap apart, and Ary and Austin enjoyed some spirited competition during their heats together.  Of special note, Austin broke the 200 lap threshold this weekend, running 202.41 laps!  Way to go Austin! 

As we come into the last two races of the series it is Shawn’s to lose, but the battle for second and third is tight, with only a few points separating Ary, Brian, and Russell. (Adjusting for dropped races.)  It’s going to be good!



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