2013 Scalextric GT Series – Round 3

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Round 3 of the Scalextric GT series saw a nearly full field of racers, with only two club members sitting this one out.  The field was made up of 3 Corvettes, 3 Audis, a Ford GT, and an Aston Martin.  The Aston Martin, driven by Shawn, continued to dominate the field, with a steady performance by the Ford GT earning a strong second place.  

The biggest improvement was in the Corvettes in this race, as they both seem to have worked out many of the bugs since their first appearance.  Had it not been for driver errors both would have finished much higher in the standings. Brian essentially threw away a possible race win by turning an absolutely dismal first heat, during which he spent what seemed like an eternity out of the slot. Russell, running on mystery rubber, turned in a solid forth place, moving up two positions on the leader board.

As we pass the half-way point in the series things are getting interesting.  The next three races will only get tighter as racers continue to tweak and tune in an attempt to squeeze any and all remaining time out of their cars.




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