Tourist Trophy Revival, sponsored by Immense Miniatures, Race 2

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The second race of the 2021 Tourist Trophy Revival sponsored by Immense Miniatures was run on August 14.  Once again, Mark’s Ferrari GTO was wicked quick, setting a fast lap of 4.175 seconds, but Russell’s GTO  was able  to complete more laps, 197 to Mark’s 196.73.  David, in a borrowed GTO, was third with 189.75 laps.  Mark and Russell’s cars are the lightest cars to race, with Mark’s car weighing 76 grams and Russell’s car weighing 73 grams.  In addition, both cars have good downforce, Mark’s with 20 grams and Russell’s with 36 grams.  David’s blue GTO, the same car that Jeff ran in the first race, is heavier, at 84 grams with 20 grams of downforce.  David’s car was running well until it’s third heat, when the rear tires began to marble badly, but he still managed third place.  John was fourth and Marc improved to fifth.  Marc had tweaked his resin body Bizzarinni and was noticeably quicker than the first race.  Randy is still struggling with the modified original chassis in his Fly Ferrari 250 LM, applying some changes, but ended up slower.

Summer is always difficult to get everyone together to race, and Covid has not helped, but hopefully we can get more participants for the upcoming races.  Good luck!

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