Targa Florio Rally – Race 6 – Final Results

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Saturday, Sept. 25th

Saturday September 25th we ran the last race of our six race series in the Targa Florio race series.  Ary stopped by for the meeting at 2:00 and looked at the rally track timing software, but could not fix it, so we went with the cell phone timing method again.  Mysteriously the software would give a spoken race status or beep as the cars passed under the timing bridge, but not consistently.

We sorely missed regulars Marty and Steve, and previous contestants Alejandro and Erik.

At race time, we agreed again to allow warmup laps, then timed the 40 laps by hand on cell phones.  There were only four competitors, David, Mark Lucas, John and Randy, with welcome assistance from Russell.  We discovered that all four of us have the slot.it/Policar Ferrari, and three have the Porsche 908/3, but three members ran their Ferraris this last race with John playing to the crowd of the Tifosi along the course, for the last chance to race his Ferrari.  With Alejandro’s Nonno Abarth and Erik’s Alfa 33/3 out for the series we lost some of the variety.  We also never had a Sloter Lola T280/290PB with a 3D chassis or a Fly/GB-Track Chevron B19/B21 with a 3D chassis.  Maybe next time.  Thanks to Erik for getting the rules and class set for my easy substitution role.

With none of the other three drivers pushing David, running last, he turned a 4:30.51 time for the 40 laps.  Not his fastest of the series.  John, Mark and David claimed that the Porsche might have turned a faster lap and had better traction, but the Ferrari was easier to slide around the curves and more satisfying to drive.  We’ll see about that when Marty returns with his canary yellow Porsche or a 3D chassis rocket next series.  So It was David first, Mark second 4:56, John third 5:04, and Randall Wolfgang Alexis 5:10 (probably????)  I had the podium picture wrong;(

The cutest car made a guest appearance with snow tires on.  Can’t wait to run the Mini on this track.


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