Group C Series – Round 6 – Final Results

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The sixth and final round of the 2023 Group C series was another great one even though Spring Break took a toll on the number of participants coming out to race. Nine racers showed up to contest this round with one key racer missing from the field – Marty. Marty was in the battle for a top spot in the overall results but missing one round already meant that it would be impossible for him to factor into the overall results. This meant that this race was more important to those that showed up to run as there was now an additional podium spot available in the final overall results. So let’s see how the final round went and who took the final podium and the overall podium.

The first round of the race saw Randy run one of his best heats ever with a lap total of 75 and a super-fast lap of 3.762. That is an amazing result for a competitor who is currently running in the slower “B” Group of racers. It looks like Randy will be moving up to the “A” group very soon.

The second heat was a good run between John and Lance with John less than a lap behind Lance at the end of the heat. Super close racing between two competitors that are battling for a podium spot. This is what makes this series such a big hit with our club’s members.

The third heat had John setting the pace with 74 laps and a fast lap of 3.833. Nice run John.

The fourth heat had Russell leading the group with 71 laps. Not his fastest but quick enough to win the heat.

The fifth heat had Russell battling with Brian for most of the heat with Brian just getting past Russell for the heat win.

The sixth heat had Steve join in and take the heat win with 71 laps in his very used Nissan 89c. If there were ever an award for the car with the most miles on it this one would be the clear winner. Steve has done a great job keeping this car running and competitive.

The seventh heat had David join the race and run 78 laps with a fast lap of 3.676. Good to see David hasn’t lost his touch. That is another great run by one of the clubs fastest racers.

The eighth heat had David out due David with a run of 80 laps with a new fast lap of 3.671. Randy had a great run with 74 laps but could not keep pace with David. Steve had a good run too with a total of 74 laps. This looked like the heat to watch.

The final heat of the 2023 Group C series was taken by David with 79 laps. David was followed by Lance with 75 laps and Randy with 73 laps.

It was another great round to a great series with some great surprises and close racing.

The final results for this round of the series had David at the top, Randy in second, and Lance in third less than a lap behind. Fourth was John, fifth was Steve, sixth was Russell, seventh Brian, eighth Jay, and ninth was Marc.

After this round of the series and the one race drop the overall standings in the Group C series look like this.

David took his familiar spot on the top of the podium while our returning friend, Lance from San Antonio finished second, and our way too fast “B” Group racer climbing into the third spot on the overall podium. Congratulations to these quick and talented racers.

The remaining overall positions were John in fourth only one point behind Randy. Fifth position was Steve two points behind John, sixth was Marty tied with Steve on points but down 160 laps, seventh was Brian, eighth was Marc, ninth overall and second in the “B” Group was Jay, Mel was tenth overall and third in the “B” Group, eleventh was Russell, twelfth was Erik running only three races, thirteenth was Ary running only one race, and fourteenth was Jeff running only one race.

Only nine months until we get to have this much fun again! I can’t wait.



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  1. RANDY – freaking Awesome – Belated Congrats!
    Big shout out to Lance also … it’s interesting how fast you have climbed the ranks after “your return”.
    :::::: and not to take away anything from our solid competitors John and Steve and the climbers Jay and Mel.
    Good racing guys!

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