Group C Series – Round 4

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February 18th, 2023

The fourth round of the clubs Group C series had a few less racers as life’s other obligations seemed to get in the way. There were still nine racers on hand to see if they could find a spot on the podium.

The weather was cold and windy with one of the seasons final cold fronts making its way through the state. The temperature outside was a brisk 50 with the club’s headquarters at a nice 68 with low humidity and a track temp at 65. Conditions were almost perfect for some fast lap times.

Let’s take a look at the highlights of the race and see how it played out.

As if there was and doubt, we were going to see some fast times, the first heat settled that. The three racers had a good run with Group B series leader Randy setting an incredible fast lap time in his favorite blue lane with a time of 3.712. That is only one hundredth of a second off of the best lap time for the first three rounds of the series. Randy also managed to run 75 laps. This was the most laps in one heat he has ever run. Way to go Randy.

Heat one also saw John set his fastest lap in the series with a time of 3.797. Nice run John.

The third heat had John in the blue lane running a strong 75 laps and finishing with a total of 222.75.

The fourth heat had David running his first heat in yellow setting an amazing total of 78.27 laps. Ouch! That is a lot of laps in one heat. He also set the fast lap time of 3.709.

The fifth heat had David run 79 laps and set a new series fast lap time of 3.677. His average lap time for the heat was an amazing 3.803. That is quick. I am sure David told everyone his car was not running well before the race began. Nice try.

The sixth heat was a repeat of the fifth heat with David running another 79 laps and lowering the series fast lap time to 3.672. He finished his three heats with a total of 236.27. I think that will be hard to beat.

Heats eight and nine had new club member Melvin set some great times and heat totals with 66 per heat. It was great to see all of the time he has put into his car produce some good times.

Lance had a solid run and finished strong with 76 laps in the ninth and final heat in the yellow lane.

At the end of the day, it was David driving his Lancia LC2 on top with 236.27 laps and a new series fast lap. Lance was in second in his Porsche 962KH with a total of 224.13 laps. John took the third spot on the podium in his Martini Lancia with 222.75 laps.

Fourth was Group B leader Randy with his Porsche 962KH running a total of 218.75 laps and a new fast lap for him of 3.712. Fifth was Steve and his Nissan running 217.09 laps, sixth was Erik running 216.64 laps with his Martini Lancia, Brian was seventh running 203.65 laps with his Porsche 962KH, Melvin was eighth with 197.41 laps in his custom painted green Lancia LC2, and the ninth place car was Marc with his Jaguar XJR10 running 194.4 laps.

There were some amazing performances in this round of the series. Those that could not make this round will be looking to do everything they can to get ready for the next round and try to keep up with these quick times. The club will also be joined by our good friend Jeff Senske from the Houston Scale Racing Club. Jeff is super quick with or without a magnet. It will be great to have him join in the fun. I would write more but I have to go get my car ready. I can’t wait for the next round. Please join our live YouTube feed on Saturday, March 4th at 1:30pm central time.


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