RevoSlot Group 2 Rally Series – Round 3

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RevoSlot Group 2 Rally Series – Race 3
Saturday, May 6th

The third round of the RevoSlot Group 2 Rally Series took place this past Saturday the 6th of May. The series once again drew a good range of cars showing that there was no dominant car to have to do well in the series.

This round of the series would be run clockwise where the first two rounds of the series were counter clockwise. Many of the member like the clockwise direction better as the turns seem to flow better and you can keep your speed up through the middle s turn.

There were eight racers present for this round of the series. Series leader, Steve was out for a friend’s wedding, Brian was out moving houses, Erik was out racing his 1:1 go-kart, and Tanner had to leave for a gig before the first heat. We had a new racer for this round with Jay joining in the fun running Marty’s Ford Jagermeister Escort.

The first heat had Randy running his beautiful blue #93 Alfa. Randy was struggling to keep his Alfa in the slot but still managed to run some good laps and finished with a total time of 5:32:36.

The second heat had Marty running his BMW this round as opposed to his Ford Escort. The BMW was very quick but Marty was not able to keep it in the slot, especially over the jump on the front straight. Marty was quick but too many deslots in a close series like this can take you from 1st to mid-pack quickly. Marty finished with a time of 4:40:73.

The third heat had John running his beautiful Alfa red/white car. John had some issues during warm-up with his car braid contacting each other and shorting out the power. That was actually a precursor for what was to come. The guide post on John’s Alfa cracked off at the 15-lap marker and John’s day was done. It appears the post was already cracked, allowing the braid to move around. Sad to see John’s day end this way.

The fourth heat had first-timer Jay running Marty’s Ford Escort. Jay did an amazing job driving a quick car on a track he has zero time on. It was impressive to see him learn the track, a new controller, and a quick car simultaneously. Talk about drinking from a fire hydrant. Jay finished with a time of 5:43:16. Looking forward to having Jay run with us again in future rounds of the series.

The fifth heat had Mel and his custom painted Ford Escort take on the rally track. Mel had a great run. He set his fastest time yet on the rally track and finished the 40 laps with a total time of 5:14:75. Great to see Mel’s times improve at every round. I’m betting he will be on the podium very soon.

The sixth heat had Jeff from Houston back running with the club. Jeff brought his BMW that had significantly more prep time on it from the last time he ran the series in the first round. Jeff was also bringing a new Third Eye controller to the track and was turning more knobs than a NASA engineer in getting everything dialed in for his heat. Jeff finished with a time of 4:38:08. The amazing thing about Jeff’s run – no deslots! He didn’t have the fastest time but he made up for it by staying in the slot and running consistent laps. Well done Jeff. Who invited him?


The seventh heat in this round of the series was Marc and his custom red/white Ford Escort. Marc is a very quick racer on the clubs rally track and this round would be no exception. Marc had very few deslots and, like Jeff, ran some very consistent laps. Marc finished with a time of 4:41:80. Nice driving Marc.

Running the final heat of this round of the series was the always-quick David. David was telling anyone that would listen how slow his slot car was and how he would not be able to keep up with anyone. This, for anyone that knows David, is nothing new. It’s something David likes to do before putting multiple laps on you. It’s a gift he has. David was super quick and set his fastest lap time of the series with a time of 6.553. He also had a total time of 4:34:05. It was fun to watch if you weren’t competing against him. He was so very quick and smooth. Well done, Dave.


The final heat results for the third round looked like this.


The overall results after three rounds – the midway point – look like this.

As you can see from the overall results, the standings are very close. These are the closest results for rally series that we have seen in a very long time. I can’t wait for the next round! The fourth round of the series will take place on May 20th at 2pm central time. We will have our YouTube live streaming back for that round of the series.


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