Ford vs Ferrari Race #5

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Ford vs Ferrari Round 5
May 7, 2023
by Lotus Jr.

Seven Ford GT40s and two Ferraris entered the Austin Slot Car Club’s fifth race for Ford vs Ferrari series. HQ was quickly warming up into the mid-80s until Russell figured out that the a/c was not properly adjusted. The higher temps impacted the level of grip the racers were getting from the track.

Jeff from the Houston Scale Auto Racing club once again came up to run with us. Steve, the clubs IT magic man was out at a wedding so we were without our usual YouTube live feed. Marty attempted to get the race and timing set up but he was no Steve. Looks like we need some additional club members to learn the in’s and out’s of our systems.

Dave and Marty were in their own “Red Bull caliber” race, leaving everyone else in the dust. Dave’s black #2 GT40 was first with 224.23 laps and a fastest lap of 3.780. Marty’s yellow Ferrari 412P was second with 220.44 laps and a best of 3.856.

“Best of the Rest” was John’s Ken Miles’ #98 GT40 in third running 204.32 and a 4.082. After a dismal previous race, it paid to reverse all of the “experiments” on #98 and return to it’s original settings. If it ain’t broke…. Following closely in 4th was Jeff’s white and orange GT40 with 202.75 and a 4.112 best. Jeff is very fast and is headed towards the front with every race.

Marc Tyler’s weathered silver GT40 came in 5th with 199.65 laps and a 4.122. Datto’s attention to detail and realistic paintwork makes his car the standout of the series. Russell’s blue and yellow GT40 ran 6th with 195.54 and a 4.184. Marty noted how fast Russell’s car is on the straights.

Melvin’s custom emerald green GT40 was close behind Russell in 7th running 194.82 laps with a 4.110 best. Randy’s sharp red Allan Mann GT40 turned 190.09 laps and a 4.210 for 8th. Jay’s red Ferrari 330 ran 9th with 184.90 laps and a 4.256 best. Jay is closer to the pack every race and his times show it.

The question initially was could the Policar Ferrari’s compete with the GT 40s. Marty’s Ecurie Ecosse liveried 412P answered that the Policar’s were more than capable. Expect Marty to be hunting for Dave in the last round.

With only one more round in the series the final results are still up in the air. It’s time for everyone to get their cars ready for the final round and the final opportunity to take a podium spot and get one of the clubs highly prized series winner’s plaques. The next round of the series will take place Saturday, June 3rd. Tune into our live YouTube feed to watch all the action.


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