NSR Abarth 500 Series – Round 4

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NSR Abarth 500 Series – Round 4

The fourth round of the series had eight racers present to try their hand at bettering their time and place in the overall standings.


David once again took the top spot with a time of 4’ 43.194”. This was 20.016” ahead of the second-place car. Steve was driving the second-place car and had some super quick lap times but lacked the consistency to make up ground on David. The third-place car was driven by Marc with a time of 5’ 11.592”, down 8.382” on Steves’s second-place finish.

Mark was fourth with a time of 5’ 19.142”. This was Mark’s second-best time in the series. Randy was fifth with a time of 5’ 20.598”. This was only 1.456” down on Mark’s time. Sixth was Russell with a time of 5’ 29.138”. This was one of Russell’s quickest rounds of the series and he set his fastest lap with a time of 7.534”. Nice work Russell.

Seventh was Brian with a time of 5’ 43.120”. This was not Brian’s best round but he had little time to prepare for this race as he had just come back from his run at the Slot.it Group C Nationals at Electric Dreams in California the previous weekend.

Eighth was the club’s newest member – Tanner – with a time of 6’ 5.935”. Tanner is doing a great job getting to grips with running slot cars and running them on the club’s difficult rally track. Well done Tanner.

Marty and John missed this round of the series as Marty was working on his car to make sure nothing would come loose or fall off in the next round and John was in California attending the Monterey Car Week and Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. Can’t wait to see his pictures and hear the stories from the event.

The overall results still have David firmly ensconced in first place while John, Steve, and Marc are all battling for the final two podium spots. The next two racers – Randy and Mark are locked in their own battle with either of them being able to hold on to the fifth place and maybe move up to fourth if someone makes a mistake or has a mechanical.

Russell, Brian, Tanner, and Marty are working to get back into the fight and will be looking to have a couple of good runs to make their final push. It will be fun to watch the final two rounds of the series.

These cars have been fun to run and are surprisingly stable on our tight rally track. Everyone is looking forward to the final two rounds to see if anyone can upset the status quo. I can’t wait to watch the action!


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