Monte Carlo Stage 5, June 4th 2022

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Monte Carlo Stage 5, June 4th, 2022

First up, subbing for Marty M. was Ary B. as Porsche 917 with Marty’s kitbashed Datsun 240Z.   With only a few minutes practice with an unfamiliar car Ary turned a very speedy best lap of 7.012 seconds with a total time of 5’4.219”.  This would be the top time for the “B” group for stage 5.

Up again, this time with Marty’s Fly Porsche 911, Ary aka Vic Elford, had a very quick session with a 6.540 second best lap.  This again after a scant few laps of practice with an unfamiliar car.  The total time for the 40-lap stage was 4’47.054”.  This was good enough for the second-best overall time in the “A” group.

Mark L., aka Peter Araignee with a Modified Scalextric Mk 1 Ford Escort experienced some handling issues, but turned a good best lap time of 7.264 seconds with a total stage time of 5’43.966”.  This put the Ford Escort in 4th place in the “B” group.

Brian H. returned with his modified SCX MGA and the boys in the garage had been busy fine-tuning again.  Lap times improved from testing earlier in the day with a best lap of 7.653 seconds.  The overall time for the 40 laps of stage 5 was 5’46.388”.  This placed the MGA in 5th place in the “B” group.

Up next, David C. aka Wrong Way with another modified Fly Porsche 911.  A bit off his pace pod earlier stages but still consistent and fast, with a best lap of 6.781 seconds.  The overall time for David’s 911 was 4’48.498”.  This was only 1.44” shy of the second place 911 and placed his 911 in third overall in the “A” group.

David C. again, this time running as Butch running his modified SRC Porsche 914. This car is very fast and is very tough to beat.  It set the best time of stage 5 with a fast lap time of 6.430 seconds.  The car was also took the top spot of group “A” with a total time of 4’31.328”.  This was almost 16 seconds quicker than the second-place car.

Marc T. aka Datto returns with the Chevrolet Corvair.  The ‘Vair proved stable again and managed a 7.530 second best lap.  The “Vair’s total time for stage 5 was an impressive 5’14.386”.  This was good enough to put the “Vair in second place in the “B” group.  This car has improved in every round.

Up next, Steve B. sitting in for Randy A. with his stock SRC 914. Quick from the start, getting quicker, with a best lap of 6.803.  The total time for the 914 was 5’22.752”.  This time was down from the previous two rounds but still quick.  The time put the car in the 5th spot in the “A” group.

Before the next racer could leave the start line it was discovered that the track had a dead spot on the straight.  Ary came to the rescue with a little bit of solder to repair the tape and get the track ready for the final two competitors.

Randy A., aka Bibendum, returned with the modified Pioneer Mustang.  Still faster than it has any right to be, it turned a best lap of 7.337 seconds.  It’s total time for the stage was 5’31.599.  This was a great time for this big car and was strong enough to put the car in third place in the “B” group.

Rounding out the field was John B., aka Lotus Jr, with a modified Fly Porsche 911.  Another very consistent run with few offs, and a best lap of 7.06 seconds.  John’s total time for the stage was 5’1.719”.  This was quick enough for 4th place in the “A” group.

The final round of the series will take place Saturday, June 18th at 2:30pm.  This will be a very important round as many of the podium spots are still up for grabs.  It will be worth checking out on the clubs YouTube channel.  It should be fun.


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