Monte Carlo ’71-’82 Series – Stage 1 Results

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Monte Carlo Revival 2023
Stage 1: Teething pains

Racers rolled out their new entries for the ’72 to ’82 decade of the Monte Carlo Rally.

First up was Marty (aka J. Ragnotti) with his Fly Renault 5 in the sub 8mm tire class. The tall little car was carrying plenty of ballast to keep it upright. Despite the weight Marty turned in a very respectable performance, with a 7.28 fast lap, and an overall time of 307.68 seconds for 40 laps

Next up, Mel with a Scaleauto De Thomaso Pantera in the over 8mm tire class. A relatively new member, Mel has made the rally track his home, and is becoming a force to be reckoned with. The Pantera turned a best lap of 7.22 seconds with an overall time of 313.88 seconds.

Randy (aka Bibendum) next with an SRC Porsche 914 in the sub 8mm tire class. According to Randy, this car was driven straight from the factory with no modifications. The car suffered from a sticky guide, and un-trued tires, which made for a best lap of 8.27 seconds, and an overall time of 395.66 seconds for 40 laps. Look for much improved times in the future, the SRC 914s go great on the rally track.

Next up, Jay with his 3D printed, scratch built Lancia Stratos, running in the over 8mm tire class. First time out for this scratch built car, and jay was getting a feel for the car and the track with lap times improving, when a broken guide on the 33d lap kept Jay from finishing the stage.

Erik up next with his (Modified SCX Fiat 131) had his heat interrupted by a lack of power to the track on lap 7, a mysterious dead spot appeared, and just as mysteriously disappeared. The heat was restarted, and Erik tore it up with the first to break 7 seconds with a 6.87 fast lap, and overall time of 293.85 seconds, giving Erik a second place for the day.

Randy again, this time aka Radial T/A with another SRC 914, this one in the over 8mm class. This car, a veteran of the last Monte series, was much more cooperative than the ‘Factory Car” with a fast lap of 7.20 seconds and an overall 40 lap time of 302.48 seconds

Marty returns with his over 8mm entry, a striking Ninco Lancia Stratos in Alitalia livery. Marty was blazing fast with few mistakes, making for a best lap of 6.50 seconds, and a podium topping overall time of 273.41 seconds

Rounding out the days entries was Marc with his scratch built printed Lancia Stratos in the over 8mm class. Marc was making good lap times, with a best lap of 6.71 seconds, but a sticky guide made the (too many) despots very costly. Overall time was 297.61 seconds earning 3d place on the podium.


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