Michael, Ian and Shane visit the Austin Slot Car Club

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This past Tuesday, March 23rd 2013, the Austin Slot Car Club had the pleasure to receive three visitors from the U.K.. Michael, Ian and Shane came to Austin for the inaugural MotoGP race at the Circuit of Americas but, being slot car enthusiasts themselves, made sure to stop by and check the club’s track.


Both, club members and visitors had a very pleasant evening filled with life stories, slot car racing, good food and beer. 

Upon returnign to England, Michael sent the club a thank you note:

“Hi Guy’s.

Well like all good things ore visit to Texas has come to an end.

What can I say? Ian, Shane and myself were simply blown away by the fantastic reception and hospitality that we received from all the guy’s at Austin Slot Car Club, we had a great time and loved meeting you all. Ian was especially delighted just as I hoped so you all did a great job in helping make our visit to Austin so special.

I never expected anything other than a great reception as we share similar interests and were very welcoming when I contacted you but you did actually exceeded my expectations and considering that we had never met any of you before it was just such a relaxed and natural atmosphere and an evening that we will talk about for years to come.

You are a mixed and varied bunch with a common thread that is “Live life and love it” and you all do this well.

One thing that I picked up on was whilst you all pick and poke fun at each other you all still maintain a mutual respect for one and all.

I hope that Austin Slot Car Club goes from strength to strength and that the hobby grows to be as popular as it possibly can be.

I can’t thank you all enough and I hope that I don’t have to point out that if there is ever anything that either Ian. Shane or myself can do for any of you please don’t hesitate to ask, it would be an honour and a privilege.

I have vowed to wear my ASCC Tee shirt the next time that we go to Pendle just to see what response I get and just like you guy’s they are a great set of people.

I hope that you post this on your web site so that other people can see just what a great club you are and maybe attract more members.

In summary, thanks Y’all.

Ian, Shane and Michael.”

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  1. I have viewed the slide show so many times because I can’t believe what a great night we had, it was a real highlite of a fantastic week in Austin and I hope that the memory never fades!


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