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      Avatar photoBarkingSpyder

      Ok, I have one more try to get the ATX Slot Car community “together” : )
      I hope this latest ‘idea’ of mine is not too controversial :O

      Capital City Raceway in Pflugerville is in the finishing stages of a new Flat track that I think will be a lot of fun, and I suggest that some of us (3 or more) go over there and “represent” our club (wear your “colors” JIC there is a throw-down … LOL) in Nov or Dec.

      The (6 or?) 8-lane track is over 100 ft long and very technical (2? donuts, 2-3 esses, 2-3 three-foot straights).  There are NO banks. The power will probably be about 14v, unless that causes too many de-slots with the 1-24 Flexi LMPs and NASCARs.

      It may be lightly glued … even if only from the light glue applied to tires (and not to the track). Sorry – Tom has not posted any images on Facebook, and I don’t have one in my phone yet.

      OK – what about running our 1-32 RTRs?
      We do Not need our 1-24 ScaleAutos or BRMs to test out this track.

      The easiest thing to do, IMHO:
      — Dust off your Slot.IT DTM we used in the C-19 proxy we did in 2020. Alternatively, choose your spare GP-C; GP-V; or Carrera DTM (2018).
      — Replace your ASCC legal wheel/tire set with either, (1) borrow some 3/32 axle wheel/tire combos I have (x4 brand new and trued); or (2) buy some at the track for $12.  A 4-44o/0.050in (NSR) Allen wrench is needed and I have many to share.
      — You may Not need to dope the tires beforehand, a few practice laps will probably pick up enough glue on the fresh tires to make them grippy enough for the corners. If you do need a doping … I have a glue paddle.
      — OMG – will this cover my precious car in glue!!!
      … It will not be any worse than the greasy rubber chad you have left over from the last race you used the car in. Otherwise, since the “glue” is actually a sugar mix, a paper towel, Q-tip, and mild dish soap can quickly clean the spunk from your wheel wells without any damage to body, motor, axle, pod, world-peace, etc.
      —  Holy Sxxt – my car will not look “scale” with those weird tires!  Consider trying out the track for Fun racing, vs. worrying about scale appearance.  The object is to a) try out another local track, b) maybe meet some other ATX Slot Car enthusiasts (what a concept …)
      — Bring your controllers, but you will a XLR to gator-clip adapter, or to unclip your controller from your clip-to-XLR adapter. Red=Brake White= + Power Black – Track feed …. just like our track : )

      ** After the track is Live and “tuned” after a few races – I will reach out to see who wants to go there some Sat or Tues.

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      Avatar photoRadial TA

      I think I would prefer to run a rental car of their classes like they offered when I visited a few years ago to check out the space.  The cars I have in 1/24 could also be run, but I would just as soon blend in with the natives, rather than look like we are staging an intervention.

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      Avatar photoBarkingSpyder

      Randy et al.  – sure using a rental is a good idea and requires no time for setup.

      — NO firm discussions have been held to-date on what Actual Classes would be run long-term on the track, (or rules thereof) it will require some experiments.  Most likely in the long run,  1/24 “sprint” cars; short-track “modifieds” and “late models”; Indy/F1; Muscle/Pony-Cars; and various other retro classes will probably be tried.
      — My proposal is for a ASCC only event, on a Sat or Sun, Not attempting to mix it up with the locals.

      a)  Allow ASCC members to experience an 8-Lane larger track with challenging features.
      b)  Allow ASCC to consider if Any future crossover can occur, such as adding 1-24 scale 3/32 wheel/tires to some legacy ASCC cars (DTM for example); and any future events (timed but for fun and not for points).
      c)  Consider this as a fun venue for 1-24 BRM and ScaleAuto races.
      d)   Show Tom some interest and pave the way for future “mixed” events once the flat track is broken in and various classes have been defined.  I for one am interested in the Sprint cars – they are very popular up in Dallas.

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      Avatar photoBarkingSpyder

      Attached are some images of the 8-lane, over 100ft track.

      One is of the drivers stations and 10 ft long front straight.

      The other is of turn-1 and shows the other turns and climb/doughnut leading to the straight.


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      Avatar photoporsche917


      That is an amazing-looking flat track.  Is it actually up and running?  Does Tom offer any open practice sessions?  It would be nice to try out the track first and see how it is and then have a conversation with Tom about doing something.

      Personally, I have zero interest in wing cars but I would love to get a Scaleauto or BRM on that track.  There is something really fun about getting the 1/24 scale hardbody cars on a big track like that.

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        Avatar photoRadial TA

        I have 3 1/24 scale cars including 2 that we ran previously.  BMW GT coupe and MB group C.  I would be glad to allow sponge tires and goop that fit inside of the fenders.  If tires outside of the fenders are the only option that would be ok too.  When do you think the regular racing would happen?

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      Avatar photoBarkingSpyder

      A friend confirmed the track is fully functional complete with Timing system.
      Not clear if there is any glue – but it would be Light – again – for a 1/32 car all you need to do is swap the rear wheels for a $12 pair of Soft foam wheel/tires and mount with a 4-40/0.05 Allen wheel wrench (same as NSR and Thunderslot).
      Open practice – Saturdays and Sundays when the paintball field is open.  If Debra is there and too busy to start the track, ask if “Todd” or “Josh” are working and can turn on the lights and start it the track and computer.  Payment can be made to Debra or later via a paper log on the Pro-shop counter.
      Wing-Cars: Actually we have not ran true “wing” cars (aka. USRA Group-F) for at least a year, and they are Not effective on a flat track (they need the Banks for speed and aero-down-force).
      Similar to the Dallas track, the ScaleAutos and BRM 1-24s should be great on this track, but will require extensive practice to prevent de-slots and rolls.  Sponge tires will be required for any kind of decent handling.  NSR King-30/38/46 motors could be experimented with -to see which ones can be fast and yet controllable in all of the corners.  The Slot.IT Boxer with 325gm torque and the SIMN14H Flat-6 RS 25K could also be experimented with.

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      Avatar photoBarkingSpyder

      I have to get with Tom to clarify when ‘regular racing’ will occur on the new track. Tom my knowledge they have had a few races with the existing flex metal chassis cars and are stil Weight tuning.  Since they dont want to kludge their existing LMP and NASCAR setups for the Banked (engleman? kingleman?) I predict some specific classes/rules will be designated for the flat track.

      For – ASCC – just bring your BRM, Scaleauto, old flexies (Eric? Ary? Stephen?) or put 1-23 3/32 axle wheel/tires on a 1/32 car you can experiment with.

      I will update later – but we should still go asap when we can to check it out …

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      Avatar photoporsche917

      I am hoping to get up there on Sunday.  I have been exchanging some Facebook messages with someone.  The Facebook message to me said to ask for Todd.  They let him know I might be there on Sunday.  Todd knows how to turn the track power and get me set up.

      I will have to find some time to get out some Scaleauto and BRM cars and get them ready to run.

      Anyone want to join in for the fun?



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      Avatar photoRadial TA

      Marty, let me know when you go to the new Pflugerville track.  I can bring my 1/24 BMW and group c Mercedes.  I don’t mind getting the BMW gooped up a little since we don’t seem interested in running those gt cars again.

      As a better option to me would be renting a car that they have set up.

      Radial TA

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      Avatar photoporsche917

      I am planning on making a trip to Capital City Slot Cars on Saturday to run my 1/24 scale cars on their big flat track.  I am thinking about getting there at 1pm and running for about an hour.  Let me know if anyone else would like to go or if the time needs to be earlier or later.  I am flexible.  I have some spare cars if anyone would like to see what this is all about.


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      Avatar photoBarkingSpyder

      Randy et al. — after running on the track this Tues I have some info and suggestions:

      — Cars – they are running open-wheel cars on the flat track, but are out of any to sell or rent.  The “rent” cars are either a) woefully slow belt drive cars for birthday parties  b) LMP cars setup for the banked track (i.e. too “hot” for the flat track).

      — Controllers – bring your DiFalcos, and if you have extra resistor chips (i.e.  180-ohm) bring them.  You will need to clip to the posts – so you need either an (i) XLR to Gator adapter (we have 3 in the HQ closet)  or (ii) unclip your gators from your Gator to XLR adapter.

      — Tires – use sponge/foamies; rubber will only spin.  Do not use the “Scale Auto Tire Cleaner”  we have in the closet.  Either find a glue bottle on the CCSCR parts counter, or you can borrow my paddle and mild glue.  The glue should not shed very much, so afterwards your car will just need a wipe down (inside) with a very light dish-soap mix and a rag.  You can also rinse out most of the glue (really a mild sugar mix) from the tires, with a light dish-soap solution.

      —  Driving (clockwise direction) – there is a long straight, but near the end you need to maintain speed to pass over the Lap-Counter ‘dead-spot’ (then brake immediately before the corner and ease through the small Esse/chicane).  In most corners lots of feathering is required.  In the very last corner/esse, it is Hot after a short straight; after you round the corner after the straight, power jumps a little right before some tight final esses leading into the front straight.

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