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      Avatar photoporsche917

      posted from Marc’s email

      Randy and Marty had mentioned a couple ideas I found intriguing.  Not for series, necessarily, but maybe one-off events, more in the spirit of a pick-up game of baseball.  And perhaps a good way to pitch a future series.

      First Randy.  He has mentioned hillclimbs a coupe times.  I could see this as a run-what-ya-brung event.  Could be very educational as far as what works well on the rally track.

      Marty Mentioned an Il Piloti event with Fly trucks.  The great thing about this is Mary already has the trucks.  They could be as identically prepared as practical, and stay in their lanes, and drivers would rotate through the trucks and lanes.  This would be perfect for a one-off type event to boost interest in new series.  I have 2 slot it Skylines, an would be willing to track down another, if there is interest.
      Or the Skyline Il Piloty could happen here at Spottswood.

      Just a thought to maybe add a little something different on a weekend with just one race.

      Any other ideas for mini events that would not be a huge time and money outlay?

      I know we are all busy, and this might not be practical, but thought i would bring it up.


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      Avatar photoporsche917

      posted from Lance’s email

      Oh, and I like your ideas.
      I think it is worth a look and we would have some other options.

      On your topic of El Piloto and 1off races, I am in the process of building 3 fly  BMW 320/M3 cars and hope to get them decent-tuned to see what everyone thinks about them.
      More parts are in the mail, but Thursday I was turning an average of 4.3sec on 12volts.


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      Avatar photoporsche917


      I love this idea.  I think it would also give us a way to try out cars for new series before we vote on running a full series with them.

      I will put this on the agenda for the next club meeting.

      Please add any races you would like to see the club run.

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      Avatar photoRadial TA

      I would really like to try a race with the race consisting of some laps on each track without re-tuning between laps on the tracks.  what would work and what might work is the objective and we could run the existing cars from either a rally or big track series.  (As long as the 917’s don’t bottom out on the rally track. :o!

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      Avatar photochapracer65

      The Fly trucks were a lot of fun to drive.  It was great to drive something different.  I think a El Piloto race would be good so the drivers only have to drive and not mess with setup on an unfamiliar car.


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      Avatar photoporsche917

      One Off Fun Race Schedule

      At the clubs meeting this past Saturday the 20th of May, it was decided that the club would be up for running one off races during the weekends where the club only has one race to run.  It was decided that club members would sign up for the available dates on this forum.

      All – below are the available dates for any One-Off race.  Please put your name and the event you would like to run along with any special notes.

      June 17th

      July 15th

      August 26th

      September 23rd

      October 14th

      November 18th

      December 16th – as part of the clubs annual Christmas party

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      Avatar photoBellator

      Two ideas:

      1. An environmental race, meaning that we would run three heats: One in the light, one in the dark, and one with impaired visibility.  Something like a “fogged” face shield or goggles worn by each driver.
      2. A TSD rally. (Time/Speed/Distance) Also known as a “regularity rally” [insert bathroom joke here :-)] This race will require a driver and navigator working together. The goal being to come as close as possible to a prescribed time over a predetermined distance. We can build in some controls to prevent stopping on track near the end to make the time by awarding points for closest time over distance, most consistent average time, lowest standard deviation between laps, etc…  Not only challenging, but this could be a great way to build precision driving skills.


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