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    So… I was joking a bit at the club meeting this past weekend when I said I have been finding “new old stock” in my inventory of slot car stuff from before I moved north for 7 years.  Many of that “new old stock” are cars, but of it includes consumables such as tires.

    Handling these older tires such as F30’s, N22’s, and F15’s, and ScaleAuto Soft and Medium high-grip tires. (Yes, that is what it says on the label for the ScaleAuto tires!) I wonder if it is worth bothering with trying to use them. The trigger for me was when I dropped some old N22’s into the same storage tube as new ones and I realized how dry and firm they are compared to the new ones.

    Do you guys think that truing and then treatment with a bit of tire oil like NSR’s 4605 Tire Treatment Oil will make them usable, or should I just pitch them in the bin?  I’m a bit of a pack rat when it comes to old parts so just pitching them in the bin is hard for me.  Regardless of the fact that they are worth only a couple of bucks.


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    I have wondered the same thing.  My guess is that the old tires might not be revivable, or, revivable enough.  But it would not hurt to try.  I believe Marty has a durometer gauge; could be useful.


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    Brian – Good luck with the older tires.  I have never had much luck with them.  I would true them down to get a new surface on them and put lighter fluid on them but they were never as good as new tires so I stopped putting in the effort to try to resurrect them.


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