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      As we are getting closer to things being back to a reasonable facsimile of normal, where does everyone stand on re-starting our mid-week test-n-tune night again? There were a few of us who used that time quite wisely AND we’re likely going to need it for rally track practice soon. Remember that I connected with the club via that evening since the club advertised it as a session where non-members could try things out, so it can work to bring some folks in. It has always been a better environment than a race day for non-members to show up since we tend to be pretty focused on Saturdays.

      We used to do it on Thursday night. Any keepers of the keys interested in getting that going again?

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      Avatar photoporsche917

      You bring up a great point.  This was one of the topics we discussed as part of our re-opening during our club meeting two months ago.  I wanted to be able to post hours on Google that I could guarantee we would have someone there.  We talked about being open Thursday evenings from 6-9 but there were concerns about the safety of the area later in the evenings.  Mark said he would commit to being there but I would prefer more than one person be there for safety’s sake.

      I think this is a topic we need to talk about again and see if there are any alternatives we are currently not exploring.  Maybe be open from 5-8 or 6-8 so we are at least leaving when there is still daylight.

      I will put this on the agenda for the next club meeting – June 19th.

      By the way, it was great having you race with us again.  You did amazing considering your time away from the club.

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      Avatar photoRadial TA

      I agree we need a mid week test and tune.  I don’t think we opened the rally track Saturday for practice, and I need the practice.  I can get to HQ a little earlier and agree 8 or 8:20 would be good closing time.  I have been visiting in afternoon hours since I can skip my nap some days.

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      Avatar photoBarkingSpyder

      AYE Mateys – I agree we need to start back having the Thurs night Test-N-Tunes.
      Like Erik, back in 2014 Thursdays became my day to learn about the club and get lots of mentoring from Stephen and Rich. From 2014 to 2017, while I worked downtown, I made it a point to come to Test-N-Tune on my way home and even left work early to get there. Test-N-Tune night was almost an addiction and I looked forward to it each week.

      Sadly, when my job moved me to Taylor/Hutto not only did the drive/distance more than double, but Thursdays became an intense day due to needing to have materials approved on Friday morning for regular meetings with executives.

      NOW – as I WFH – it is easier to show up on Thursdays, but I prefer that someone like Randy (who lives < 5 miles away) is Primary and I am Backup host. On non-race Saturdays I will be glad to be Primary host from noon-6p.

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      Avatar photoStabnSteer

      I can usually be there on Thursdays…until I start traveling again for work, and then my attendance will rely on where I happen to be on a Thursday evening. Otherwise, I can commit to being a second person. I have lots of work to do on my Tourist Trophy car and I ordered my F1 car Saturday night. Seems I have the bug again!  😀

      And thanks, Marty – yes, I have been holed-up for so long that it was immensely enjoyable to be around like-minded people again. And I’m glad my “sloting skillz” are still there since I am being massively humbled in the Karting realm!

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      Avatar photoporsche917

      I am all for having the club open one evening during a weekday.  I want the club to decide if this is open to the public.  If we decide it is, we will need to guarantee someone will be there to welcome anyone coming to check us out.  I never want someone coming by during our published open hours and not have anyone there.  Our first impression is key to someone coming back.

      We can build a simple schedule to have members sign up for spots so we know who will be there.  I don’t want this to fall on just one person’s shoulders.

      We will also need to establish our hours so I can get those published on the handouts and our Google page.

      Let’s firm up the plans during our next club meeting on the 19th.  Please posts any thoughts on this forum thread.

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      Avatar photoBarkingSpyder

      I agree with Marty as in post #16581.
      I suggest that, as a regular part of the process, a Text/call occurs between the people “signed up” so that any last minute changes are confirmed.
      We never want to have a visitor flame us on FB or our site, followed by a member claiming “… sorry guys but my pet turtle got sick …” or “… I had to drag my kid to his anger management therapy …”

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