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      I am in the process of preparing the three Carrera BMW M1 cars we can use for guest visitors and beginner racers.  The cars will be at the track and ready to run no later than the 22nd of January.  These cars are all evenly matched and will have the magnets in place.  This will allow anyone new to the track the opportunity to run without too many de-slots.

      The cars can be used in a IROC style race where the cars stay in the same lane and only the drivers move.  This will allow each driver to race the same car in the same lane so there are no advantages due to a cars performance or the lane raced in.

      The cars will be kept in a black metal brief case in the storage closet.  Do not hesitate to use these cars with any and all visitors that come to the track.

      The BMW M1’s ran in the ProCar series back in the late 70’s, six years after the sucessful IROC series here in the States.  The races were spectactular and attracted the best F1 drivers of their day.  Here is a description of the series from BMW’s website.

      In 1979 and 1980, the BMW Procar Series was one of the most spectacular racing series in the motorsport world. As part of most European Formula 1 races, the five fastest F1 drivers from the practice sessions of the respective Grand Prix took part and raced identical BMW M1 cars against private drivers, well-known racers and up-and-coming talents. A competition of this magnitude would be inconceivable today, and it was hugely successful with the public. Proof of just how big a stage it provided for motorsport superstars, the overall winner of the first Procar season was Niki Lauda. The following year, Nelson Piquet secured first place in the standings with three wins in a row.

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      Avatar photoporsche917

      The case has been modified to hold the cars securely and hold some spare parts for these cars.


      Looking forward to giving these cars their first test on the track.


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      Avatar photoStabnSteer

      Curious…did you find new tires for those somewhere? I have been seeking the 1/32 M1 tires for a while (for my home set) and they’re all out of stock everywhere I look…

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      Avatar photoporsche917

      Unfortunately, Carrera does a terrible job of stocking replacement parts including tires.  Paul Gage makes some great replacement tires in urethane but they have to be glued to the wheels as they are not a very tight fit.  Once glued, you can true them up and they are better than the stock tires.  Slot Car Corner has a great Paul Gage tire selector where you can enter the car make and model and it will bring up your choices.

      The Houston club runs stock Carrera cars and makes the Paul Gage tires one of the only things you are required to change.

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      Avatar photoBarkingSpyder

      Anyone with a situ. like Erick – if you need to True tires on stock Carrera or Scaley wheels/axles; you can use the club’s  “Tire Razor”.

      To use it, first find a red Lure case (in the left side white pit boxes) containing:

      a) a pulley to attach to the middle of the stock axle

      b) O-rings to use as Drive Belts from the truer’s motor to the pulley on the axle

      c)  Allen wrenches that fit the grub in the Pulley

      For more details, search for various instructions online such as this.

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      Avatar photoBarkingSpyder

      I test drove one of the cars last Sat.  At 12v it was pedestrian, but at max 15? volts on the Pyramid it was actually fun.  The tires and magnets combined to make handling predictable.

      p.s. Marty replaced the Front stock Carrera tires with spares from Slot.ITs, so these cars don’t have the dreaded 1~2mm ‘lift’ from the stock tires and the fact the cars are designed to ride the power Rails on plastic tracks.

      I think we should have a “test/demo” race some weekend after the scheduled series, so we get prepared to race against Guests!

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