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      Avatar photoRadial TA

      For another Monte Carlo race I found a site with lists of cars participating by year.  This could help pick some years when we might, or might not, want two classes of slot cars again.

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      Avatar photoRadial TA

      You can move back to 1973 or through the 79’s to the 1980.

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      Avatar photoporsche917

      I would love to run another Monte Carlo series within that time frame.  Finally an opportunity to run the Lancia Stratos Group 4 rally car.  I can’t wait.


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      Avatar photoRadial TA

      If our second choice for a rally class is the RevoSlot Alfa and other car, I would like to also run those cars on the big track.  Fairfield Meadows I call it.  Those RevoSlot cars are so good I hate to take them out of service.  My Porsche from a few years ago was one of my favorites.  We could even run on the big track as SCCA TransAm U2.5  and IMSA similar displacement.  I recently stumbled across a metal chassis, used instead of a 3d plastic replacement.  That might offer more cars to run with the RevoSlot cars.

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      Avatar photoRadial TA

      MR Slotcar aluminum chassis for group C and adaptable to other wheelbases.

      MR Slotcar Evolution Metal Chassis Kit A

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      Avatar photoRadial TA

      This set of entries have bee copied to the new 2023 race suggestion Forum.


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      Avatar photoDatto

      The Monte part 2 is official!

      I will be updating-revising rules from the 2022 Monte.

      Some changes-clarifications on tap are:

      Rear tire width to distinguish class A from class B (8mm cutoff, rather than 9mm)

      One entry per club member per class.

      No duplicate liveries.

      Plastic chassis only.

      What do you think of 30 laps rather than 40, to speed things along?


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      Avatar photoStabnSteer

      Personally, the 40 is a real mental test…30 would just not be the same. And we’d not really be saving all that much time.

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      Avatar photoporsche917

      I agree that 40 is a real test.  I think it also gives you some extra laps to claw back some time if you need to.  I say keep it at 40.

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      Avatar photoBarkingSpyder

      KEEP 40 LAPS for Monte

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      Avatar photoDatto

      The people have spoken.

      40 laps it is.

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      Avatar photoRadial TA

      I am good for the 40 laps.  I need the 10 laps to balance out the 20 laps of blunders.  I totally agree with the 8mm rear tire limit.  The wider 9mm limit accidentally let an A class Porsche 914 run in the B class.  The list of real entrants for Le Mans has Group numbers that seem to denote at least the engine capacity but also maybe other factors.  I do not think we should use the real Le Mans group numbers, but they are a good guide for figuring out a slot car for A or B modeling.  See below:

      Home > Specials > Regulations > Car classifications
      The diversity of the cars that have been and are being rallied is staggering. Since small citycar is no match for a big engined sports car, how should different types of cars relate to each others and should there be equality rules? In early days there were rules that penalized cars with bigger engines but currently the principle is to divide cars in groups and classes to compete against similar cars rather than against all the other cars.

      From 2011, classes are no longer tied to specific groups but rather are a mix of similarly performing cars from different groups. This results a quite an impressive list of classes, at least for time being until older groups are phased out.

      WRC (A0)
      WRC (2011): 1.6T engine with WRC kit
      A1  S2000-Rally: 1.6T engine
      A2  S2000-Rally: 2.0 atmospheric,  Group R4 cars
      A3  Group N car over 2000cc (former N4)
      A4  RGT cars
      A5  Group A car 1601-2000 cc , Super 1600 cars, R2C, R3C, R3T and R3D cars
      A6  Group A car 1401-1600cc,  R2B cars,  kit car 1401-1600cc
      A7  Group A car up to 1400cc,  kit car up to 1400cc
      A8  Group N car 1601-2000cc
      A9  Group N car 1401-1600cc,  R1B cars
      A10  Group N car up to 1400cc,  R1A cars

      Since 1981, there have been two groups, N and A. These were introduced, alongside groups like B and S, to replace the original numeric groups 1 to 5 which were used in 1973-1981. To put it short, Group N is a standard car with very few modifications allowed whereas Group A is fully prepared racing car. Classes within group are based on cubic capacity of the car as follows.

      Group N  production cars
      Group A  modified road-going cars

      Cubic capacity  Group N  Group A
      1400cc or less  N1  A5
      1401-1600cc  N2  A6 (incl. S1600)
      1601-2000cc  N3  A7 (incl. F2)
      over 2000cc  N4  A8 (incl. WRC)

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