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    I moved to Austin a few years ago and am planning to put up my four-lane Ninco track up when we finish our new home being built.  Having bought some more track recently, I may do a small rally/hill climb as well.  It is due to be finished in March or April.  My old club in Iowa rotates between home tracks.  I see this club has the tracks at a central location.  Is there any willingness to use tracks set up in other locations?

    We also mixed up the race format between the lane enduros (lane rotation) and sprint races with a set lap count and winners advance.  Is there any openness to thinking about adding other formats?  Not trying to change everything, just wondering if there is a willingness to explore them.

    I ran the club in Iowa for many years and it is still going strong.  Eager to race again and hope to connect with someone.  Oh, I did stop by the old Hobby Shop location before you moved…had fun on a couple of practice nights.

    Hope someone gets this.  Not sure how to connect with anyone.  My email is

    Thanks and Happy Holidays to all,




    Great to hear from you.

    I know there are many clubs that move around from track to track at members’ houses.  It’s more challenging here because so few people have a basement and running on a track in a garage in the summer heat presents its own challenges and having a spare room big enough for a track and multiple people can prove challenging.  Having said that, we are totally open to new experiences and are not opposed to running on a different track.  It would be great if you could come and present your idea to the group.  I can assure you the group would be open to hearing your idea.

    We are done running for the year and will start back up on the 8th of January.  That would be the first opportunity to introduce the idea to the group.  It’s also the first race of the 2022 season – Group C.  You should come and run with us.  We have spare cars and controllers so don’t worry if you don’t have something to run.

    Looking forward to meeting you.





    Walt – I also wanted to mention that in addition to our tried and true road track we added another track – a smaller one lane, two loop rally track that is great fun to run.  We will be running two different series on this track in 2022.




    Always happy to hear from new people.  This is certainly a challenging (and expensive) time to be building a home in the Austin area.  I hope everything goes well.

    We would love to have alternative places to race (taking Covid concerns into account).  As Marty said, it has been tough for members to find spaces to set up tracks.  What kind of cars do you race?  brands? scales? etc.  As you can probably guess we are primarily a scale-oriented, hard plastic (or resin) club.  We do not generally run magnet cars but have done so occasionally.  Some members have run wing cars and/or brass chassis cars in the past and we do not rule anything out.  Most members are 1:1 racing fans first and scale racers second.  We are competitive by nature but are welcoming to visitors and new members and always try to be helpful.

    As Marty said, looking forward to meeting you.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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