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      My buddy Dave painted these nice 917-30 tributes for me recently.  Since bodies are like tires in Flexi racing – these gorgeous prototypes will lead to me buying a fleet of replacements this year (one spectacular crash can basically doom the body by the end of the Heat; altho normally they last about 4 to 6 weeks – a total of about 5 to 8hr MTBF)

      They include some NASCAR COTs with a Penske/Donahue flavor (do not actually match the Camaros they ran in TransAm .. but when racing at extremely fast 1-24 speeds they are Easy to See in all the mayhem – LOL).

      Plus – some Oreca-07 LMP bodies (incorrectly labeled Porsche by Dave) resembling the 917-30 Penske/Donahue Sunoco livery.  Again – they meet my requirements to be Easy to See among seven other brightly painted bodies whizzing at super-sonic speeds …

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