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      Avatar photoporsche917


      Here is your forum headquarters for posting all proposed 2024 race series.  Please include as much detail as possible about the series you are proposing.

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      Avatar photoRadial TA

      I could go for a NSR Mosler.  They ran last in 2015 I think.  Also liked Porsche 917, and group 5 Capri from Covid era I did not get to run myself.

      The SRC deal sounds good so far pending a final agreement.

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      Avatar photoLotus jr.

      NSR Formula 22 looks interesting with limited mods and a width template.    Will be testing one soon.  The SRC classes sound great if we can get the cars from SRC.


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      Avatar photoRadial TA

      I suggest that the rules for next year allow bodies formed from colored plastic with gloss finish, not be required to be painted, just clear coated after decals added.

      I am curious to see the NSR Formula 22 cars produced for more fine liveries.  My Policar F1 is pretty plain orange with no defining actual car.

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      Avatar photoDatto

      A long shot, I know, but thought I would throw out there,

      George Turner Edwardian racers series. They all run on the same chassis (included in the kit, nd there is an improved printed chassis as well.


      There are currently 21 kits available.

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      Avatar photoRadial TA

      I would like to build an Edwardian, even if it just for Goodwood style hill climb demonstration runs.

      I would like to run the current Policar Vintage F1 class since I have had “teething problems” for the first two races and will miss the third.  I hope my wire change will cure the axle binding problem.

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      Avatar photoDatto

      From John B via the email list.

      First off, apologies for not putting this on the forum. Anyone who wants to post it are welcome to do so. This email is to lobby for the NSR Formula 22 cars for a 2024 series. I’ve been building an NSR AM F1 car. Haven’t tested it yet as I’m waiting for a white chassis. Tires are trued and did break in the motor and gears. Here are the pros and cons:

      10 variations in red, white, blue, yellow, a white kit, three Astons and two pre-order McLarens. Would expect more in ‘24.
      Atalaya is making decals for Alpine for the NSR. Most of the Atalaya decals for the Policar F1 car will work.
      Several chassis of varying rigidity are available from NSR
      There a variety of NSR Pinion and Crown gears. While the NSR pinions are unique and have to be used, I would allow Slot.it crowns as well, as was done with Formula 86/89.
      Two rear wheel widths and tires are available. Would allow both with a width template for inspection.
      Stock 21K long can motor would be mandatory.
      Axle stoppers allowed.
      12 volts unless testing dictates otherwise.

      Car has not be tested on track yet.
      Pinion gear “sleeve” requires that the NSR pinion for Formula 22 be used.

      Summary: Expect the Formula 22 line to be easy to build and very fast.
      Below are attached photos of the car. Notice the long shank pinions,
      Lotus Jr.

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      Avatar photoBellator
      • The SRC series (Assuming we “qualify”) sounds interesting.  High-quality and interesting cars, plus there is some good exposure for the club. However, it does consume several slots on the series calendar, so something to be considered.
      • Group 2 again, please.  That was great racing.
      • I assume we will be moving to the next decade with Monte Carlo?  (Maybe the third decade will be the charm for me.)
      • Club-to-Club proxy race.   I noticed that we are getting referrals from a club site in the UK.  The Wolverhampton Scalextric & Slot Car club has listed our web site under the Useful Links section of their site.  Which generated a Series Idea: I wonder if there might be a fun one-off proxy race we could do with them next year. (or any other club for that matter)
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        Avatar photoDatto

        Brian, I think the SRC rally cars would fill the Monte slot well. Win, win.

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      Avatar photoRadial TA

      !.  I agree the 1/24 scale Group 2 was fun and closely competitive.

      2.  I also would like a shot again with the vintage F1 2023 that is not running right yet.

      3.  If we select the new 2022 F1, let’s make it later in the year when we can have more factory liveried cars.  The more modern the cars, the more complicated the liveries, and that is an integral part of the car.

      4.  Group C.

      5.  SRC Rally

      6.  SRC Toyota and Porsche

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      Avatar photochapracer65

      At the club meeting a week ago, these possible race series for next year were discussed:

      1. NSR Mosler

      2.BRM Group 2

      3.NSR Formula 22

      4.George Turner Edward vintage race cars

      5.Group B Rally

      6.BRM Mini cars

      7.Slot.it DTM

      8.Revo Slot GTI

      9.Revo Slot Group 2 on big track

      10.El Piloto Trucks

      Keep in mind that if we accept the SRC race series, that would reduce the number of other series we could race.


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      Avatar photoBarkingSpyder

      SRC cars.

      I am curious what the Details are …  where are the discussion threads?  seems to be missing from this thread.

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        Avatar photoRadial TA

        The discussions have been in person.

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      Avatar photoButch

      That’s a great list of cars. Im not going to add to it just wanted to add that I would encourage everyone to look at the Revo GT1  cars. you can go to Electric Dreams and see a great list .                   Ferrari, Mercedes, Porsche,and Toyota.  A nice variety of cars and liveries. I forgot I had one the Ferrari 333 and ran it last thursday , it handled so incredible. Ill bring it Sat.

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      Avatar photochapracer65


      The SRC deal is a recent option and we don’t have all the details or if we would even qualify for the offer.  Basically we us SRC cars for two race series and post the stories and SRC would repost on their website.  Seems like a good way to expand coverage for the club.



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      Avatar photoBellator

      On Saturday, October 28, 2023 the ASCC membership came together to discuss and vote on our 2024 series.  We had some great discussion, one surprise addition, and impassioned pitch on why we probably don’t want to tackle the George Turner cars as a series. (As impressive as they are as models, they aren’t considered suitable for our club series.). We also scheduled each series into its time slot.  Series rules pages will begin to be posted over the coming weeks, but for series that we have run before the rules will remain largely the same so readers can get a sense of how to prepare a car within the rules. (i.e. Group C and BRM Group 2)
      Take a look a the table below, check out the available cars, and come race!

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      Avatar photoButch

      Is there a way we can make the DTM race an open one. It comes once a month so that would give some with limited time to work on them.

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        Avatar photoRadial TA

        Since it is a Slot.it like Group C, what would we change in an open class?  Motor, wheels, guide, interior, tires?

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        Avatar photoMel

        My concern with making it an open series is limited funds and not limited time.  I voted yes because I already have one and thought they would be fun to race.

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      Avatar photoMel

      Shoot, I go from being gripey about spending money to making a big order on Electric Dreams and thinking about getting another body for my Lancia that functions just fine but I want to make it look better.

      First race is free they said….    

      In all seriousness, glad to be a part of it.

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      Avatar photoRadial TA

      Radial TA is Slot.It CA54A – Mercedes AMG C-Klasse – ’96 DTM Interlagos GP – Warsteiner #3

      If anyone else chooses this car, please make arrangements to change number from 3, and make arrangements with me on the identifying color or marking to distinguish our different cars.  (Or if your car looks the same as mine, is faster than mine, I will gladly use your car.)

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