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    This is the head thread of the series discussion for 2021 – NSR GT 3 Series.
    This series will be run from April – June 2021.
    Series Manager: Mark Lucas / Spyder #21
    Rules will be posted on the main page; under “Race Rules” > “2021 Racing Series”
    Questions about the rules will be covered in this forum thread.
    ** Rules will not be duplicated in this forum thread.
    NSR Reference: https://www.nsrslot.it/assets/models/modelli.html

    Candidate Cars:
    Aston Martin Vantage (ASV)
    Audi R8 LMS
    BMW Z4
    Corvete C6R
    Corvete C7R
    Mercedes AMG GT3
    Porsche 997 GT3

    Avatar photoporsche917

    There is also the Aston Martin Vantage listed as an ASV.


    Avatar photoBarkingSpyder

    “15812 – There is also the Aston Martin Vantage listed as an ASV”
    Thanks for the reminder Marty – that was in my original list, but when I pasted from my draft file it got dropped somehow : (

    Avatar photoRadial TA

    Were these cars all the SW version rather than the Angle Winder?

    Avatar photoporsche917


    All of these cars are available in both versions and some are also available with an inline configuration.  You can tell by the part number of the car.  Part numbers that end in AW are angle winder, part numbers that end in SW are side winder and part numbers that end in IL are inline.  The preferred set up is Side Winder or Inline.  The Angle Winder configuration has not been as successful.

    Avatar photoBarkingSpyder

    The 2016 ‘Modern GT’ series was very open, and included some of the NSR GT-3 cars available at the time.  However, for this 2021 series, limited to the NSR brand, we will vote on what pod configuration to allow (in light of per Marty’s observation that angle-winders are typically too problematic.)

    What is challenging is that many of the current NSR GT-3 models & liveries are only offered in Angle-winder configs; meaning that to comply with a Side-winder-only rule (or to reduce the problems with the long-can AWs) owners will have to replace pods with either rectangular or triangular SW pods (as per the car’s config) and replace the long-cans with Shark-22 or – 25 (a Shark-22k should provide enough ‘Umph” in these cars).

    Overall this should not be a problem; since many of us have surplus SW Pods and Shark-22/25 motors we can re-use, and or swap/sell with other members who bought a AW GT-3.

    Also different from the 2016 Modern-GT series will be more spec for NSR branded parts, hard glass and cockpit, etc.  Of course I will accept comments and we will vote on the final specs. [this Must be settled fairly soon tho since we need to have Rules finalized before end of Feb]

    **Randy – you just can’t use that ‘special’ motor from “he who shall not be named” – LOL!

    Avatar photoBarkingSpyder
    Avatar photoporsche917


    The NSR catalog shows all liveried GT cars available in angle winder or side winder.  The issue is more with what the retailers have in stock.  If you like a specific livery on a car don’t give up hope of finding it in a side winder as some of the more popular retailers.

    Avatar photoBarkingSpyder

    [postquote quote=15893]
    Marty, my comment was based that on the NSR site, many of the Audi’s and C6R Vettes are listed only as AW, (all white-kits are AW).  You are correct – the Merc, C7R, A/M ASV, R8, 997 are listed in both configs.

    Vendors with Good Selections of SW:  ~ $90usd
    Professor Motor, Electric Dreams, LEB Hobbies; PendleSlot

    Limited Selections of any NSR:  @12/18/20
    Clover Leaf, SCC, NCP Hobbies, 132Slotcar

    Avatar photoRadial TA

    Professor Motor has a good supply.  I just ordered the C7 Corvette Mobil 1 Shanghai #64 in memory of my late father-in-law’s Mobil Oil consignee plant in Pomona.  Please do not duplicate this number, or if you do, plan on renumbering.  I will probably slap on some BFG tire decals.

    Avatar photoporsche917

    What a great choice.  I think you will do well with that car.

    Avatar photoBarkingSpyder

    1. CHASSIS
    Do we wish to restrict chassis to the out-of-the-box, OEM installed chassis – Medium Black (part# is specific to each body style)? Or do we wish to open up to the harder Green and White chassis?

    2. POD
    Do we wish to restrict pods to the out-of-the-box, OEM installed SW chassis – typically Hard Red NSR-1264?  I see no advantage or rational for using softer pods :O

    3. MOTORS
    a) If you buy a GT3 with a Sidewinder, the current models ship with a modern Shark-25 (3043, 25k, EVO, 180gm TQ) vs. the older shark-25 (3003, 25k, 176gm TQ).
    b) The legacy Shark-22 is not being offered by NSR in their current catalog; altho many vendors still have some in stock; PLUS many of us have them from the 2017-917 series. The replacement is the Shark-21.5 (3041, EVA, 21.9k, 164gmTQ)
    c) Do we wish to spec the 3043 as the only motor- to enhance a “level playing field”? or open the spec up to any NSR below 25Krpm, allowing people to use existing spares?

    Avatar photoporsche917

    I am up for whatever is selected.  My opinion is to allow stiffer chassis-green or white, any short can NSR motors up to 25K @ 12v and stock motor pod.


    Avatar photochapracer65


    I do not have a lot of experience with the NSRs.  On the chassis I would be OK with stock or harder chassis.

    I would prefer the stock red motor pod.

    I am not familiar with the various NSR motors.  I will probably use the stock Shark-25 motor myself, but I would not object to allowing any short can NSR motor up to 25K

    I would also be in favor of allowing changes to the cars between races.  That is, that we could change motors, tires, gears, and other parts between race days.  In various series in the past we have allowed members to change what car they want to use on any given race day, but I don’t think we have had the option as part of the rules.


    Avatar photoporsche917

    I would prefer to allow screw in guides but am happy with any decision.

    I am not a fan of the lexan interior as its just one more item we have to purchase and its not a necessity.  It’s not like this part is needed for the car to operate on our track.  It’s not like the stock interior is contacting the wheels or motor and holding back the performance of the car.  It’s purely a luxury item that potentially make a fast car  go slightly faster.

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