Ford vs Ferrari Race #4

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Ford vs. Ferrari Round 4
by Lotus Jr.

We will have an abbreviated report for Round 4 four of the Ford vs. Ferrari Series. Marty has returned from his Spring Break trip, Dave wasn’t feeling well earlier in the week and did not attend, Brian is back, Jeff again came from Houston to run his Ford GT and RevoSlot Group 2 car. Tanner, one of our newer members, was also was in the clubhouse. Some surprise guests from Alaska, who were into HO racing came by the clubs headquarters for a visit. It’s always great to have guests and hear stories about their interests. Temperatures were in the 80s and the track was a bit slick.

Marty was in form with his yellow Ferrari leading the pack with a best time of 3.841 and 222.66 laps. Lance finished 2nd with 219.83 laps and a best time of 3.909. Brian drove a very smooth race to 3rd positing 211.83 laps and a 3.972 best time with his sharp Gulf liveried GT40.

4th went to Steve with a wild drive with his car skipping in and out of every turn. He did manage to run 206.35 laps with a fast lap time of 3.903. Jeff’s white Ford GT40 was 5th posting 206.35 and a fast lap of 4.112. Randy, running his Allan Mann Ford GT40 finished 6th with 201.19 laps and a 4.216 best lap.

Marc Tyler ran 7th with his amazingly beautiful weathered Ford making 198.66 laps and a 4.039 fast lap time. John again was dealing with handling problems and dropped way down the results chart with a 194.22 laps and a 4.218 fast lap.

Melvin ran 9th with 192.3 laps and a 4.256 fast lap. Russell had a tough day as he had a front wheel come not just once but twice. Russell’s best time was 4.211.

In fact, several of the Ford GTs left a trail of parts around the track during this round, primarily exhaust pipes. Perhaps, we were channeling Sunday’s Australian F1 GP.

One of the big issues everyone was having in this round was the increase in the tracks temperature. This increase was causing everyone to have handling issues and rethink their setup and tire choice. Goodness knows the temperatures will not be going lower anytime soon so it’s time for everyone to adjust. It will be interesting to see who makes the correct adjustments for the rounds next race on May 6th.


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