Ford vs Ferrari Race #2

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Ford vs Ferrari Series – Race 2, February 4th, 2023
By Lotus Jr.

Despite the Big Freeze hitting Austin, there were an amazing eleven entries in Round 2 of Ford vs. Ferrari, eight Ford GTs and three Ferraris. The clubhouse had warmed up and the track was clean by start of the race.

Heat 1 had all Ford GTs. John driving the Ken Miles #98 was 1st with a 3.98 best time. Brian was 2nd in the #6 Gulf LeMans winner and Russell was 3rd with the blue/yellow GT40. Heat 2 brought in Marc with his yellow #11 412 P who was first with 69 laps and a 4.086 best lap. John was 2nd, followed by Russell who had car issues on lap 14 and retired.

Heat 3 had Randy in his Alan Mann Ford GT finishing 3rd with 64 laps. Marc had 67 for 2nd and John won with 71 laps. Heat 4 saw David line up with a black Ford GT and crack off 73 laps with a 3.954 best for 1st. Marc held his own in the early laps finishing 2nd with 70. Randy was 3rd at 63.

Marty brought out his yellow #14 Ferrari 412P for a fast 76 lap win in Heat 5. Dave was 2nd with 73 followed by Randy with 66. Heat 6 saw Marty take 1st with 76 laps and a 3.826 best. Dave took a 73 lap 2nd. Melvin followed with 62 laps in his green custom GT40.

Heat 7 saw Marty take the win with another 76 lap run. Steve borrowed one of Marty’s GT40 and clocked an amazing 74 laps for second. Mel improved to 63 laps. Steve took the win in Heat 8 with a blistering 75 laps. Mel improved his performance to with 64 laps followed by Jay and his red Ferrari 330P running 59 laps.

Steve took the win in Heat 9 with 76 fast laps and a best time of the day of 3.768. Great job Steve! Lance made his first appearance with 70 laps for his black GT40 and 2nd. Jay took 3rd with 61 laps. Heat 10 had Lance taking the win with 74 laps. Brian returned to the race with 72 and 2nd followed by Jay who improved to 62 laps.

Here are Brian’s NSR 5262 replacement tires looking a set of Pirelli F1 qualifiers that have run an entire race.  Ouch!  Surprised he was able to do as well as he did with these on his car.

Heat 11 had Lance win with 72 laps and a best of 3.986. Brian finished with 70 and 4.024 best. Russell again had car issues and retired with 28 laps.


The overall went to Marty and his 412P with 228.13 laps and a best time of 3.795. Second went to Steve at 225.68 laps and a 3.768. Dave picked up 3rd with 219.25 laps and 3.919 best. Our rookie drivers have really improved. Jay’s best time went from from 4.338 in race 1 to 4.268. Melvin’s total laps went from 180.02 to 189.35. Good work y’all!



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