Can Am Series 2022 Round 1

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The first race of the 2022 Can Am series was run on July 2.  The entry was open to any car that raced in any of the original Can Am races.  The rules are fairly open so there is an opportunity for creativity in car design and setup.  There were nine entries, including Jay, a guest racer, driving a Rent-a-Racer.

In the first heat, David turned 71 laps, Mark T. was second with 68 laps, and Russell was third with 69 laps.  David took the second heat as well, with 69 laps, Russell was second with 67, and Randy was third with 61 laps.

David continued his streak, winning heat three with 70 laps, Stephen was second, in Marty’s Rent-a-Racer, with 67 laps and Randy was third with 60.  In heat 4, Stephen stepped up to win with 74 laps, Marty was second, covering 72 laps, and Randy was third with 54.

Marty turned in a terrific run in the green lane for heat 5, turning 77 laps and setting the fastest lap at 3.708 seconds.  Stephen was close, hitting 74 laps and an almost-quick-enough lap time of 3.789.  Mark L. was third with 65 laps.

Marty continued by winning the sixth heat with 76 laps.  Mark L. was second with 64 laps, and Jay a guest entrant, driving a borrowed car that he had never driven, on a track that he had never driven, and finished third, with 53 laps.

Heat 7 saw John win with 70 laps while Mark L. was close behind with 68.  Jay completed 54 laps in this heat.  Jay was also the beneficiary of a rider from another lane, jumping into his lane and, temporarily crediting Jay with fastest lap.  His total was 54 laps.

John continued and won heat 8, with 69 laps.  Mark T. had 64 laps and Jay had 51.  In the final heat, John ran 72 laps, Russell was 70 and Mark T. was 68.

This was a pretty full round with the nine entrants.  It was great to see a new visitor come out and race with us.  Members, including myself, are still working on cars to prep and get ready to run in this series.  There will be a lot more competition to come!



View the YouTube video of the race here:

Austin Slot Car Club – Canam – Race 1 – July, 2nd 2022 – YouTube



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