Building and Preparing a Group C Car

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In an effort for everyone to have the best possible racing experience in the upcoming Group C series the Austin Slot Car Club will be hosting a race build and preparation clinic for all members. This clinic will go over every step of the build process starting with the disassembly of the car all the way to running it for the first time and final tuning steps before a race.

This clinic is open to all Austin Slot Car Club members. The date and time of the clinic has yet to be determined. If you are interested in attending, please click on the link or respond to this email with your preference.

Possible Clinic Dates and Times
• Saturday, November 26th, 2pm
• Sunday, December 4th, 2pm
• Saturday, December 10th, 2pm
• Sunday, December 18th, 2pm

The clinic will take place at the club’s headquarters at 8222 Jamestown Rd. Suite E2.

Please respond with your Clinic date selection no later than Friday the 25th.



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  1. After a small delay, the date for the clinic has been set. The clinic will take place on Saturday, December 10th. The start time has been moved up to 1pm. This was done to make sure there is adequate time to work with everyone. I am looking forward to the clinic and helping everyone work together to make this the best Group C series yet.

    Please post any questions you have about the clinic on this forum.

  2. This a quick reminder that the Group C Build and Preparation clinic is happing this Saturday the 10th of December at 1pm. The clinic is being held at the club’s headquarters at 8222 Jamestown Dr., Austin, TX 78758, Suite E2. The agenda for the approximately two-hour clinic will go over every step needed to take your Group C car from the box to the podium and everything in between.

    If you are planning on attending, please bring your Group C car, if you already have one, a note pad and a desire to have fun and learn.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone this Saturday. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.

  3. I was late from the golf job, but everything I heard starting with the chassis baking (that David fixed me up with) was very helpful. Did you publish the bound pages? I really appreciate the parts list. I am going to go over the BFG car and the Jim Beam car. The BFG car either has a tired motor or bound up drive train. The BFG body may go on the 1 year old Jim Beam chassis. I will also run the Ford GT40 through the process. Thanks for the great effort you put into the meeting.

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