BRM Series Round 3 Results

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Once again our BRM series provided some of the most realistic racing on the track.  From the “marbles” left behind on the corners to the mechanical issues during the race, almonst everyone had something to keep them busy during the race besides just turning good laps.  The most reliable cars finished near the top this round, with everyone after third dealing with some sort of issue. Brian had a braid wire come loose, Max’s car sounded like there were marbles in the gears, Ary had a mysterious gear issue, and everyone was convinced that Roy’s car was actually running a twin-turbo power plant based on the high-pitched wine emanating from the car.

In spite of the issues, it was great fun with lots of door-to-door racing. (Even if the door-to-door moments were when you were getting passed.)  Everyone is looking forward to next race in the series, cleaning, tuning, greasing, and replacing worn parts. 



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