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At 4-years old in Pensacola I repaired my steering linkage on my Ford Pedal-car. Dad later converted this car to a Blue Angel with ailerons and elevators with a working "stick/yoke"; the rudder was controlled by the steering wheel. I like all motorsports - I grew up going to a NASCAR Feeder track with Sportsman and Modified classes, and was lucky to attend drag races in 1970 at Orange County Raceway. My first solder-iron was a Christmas gift at 9yo; I modified T-Jets to be AFX spec before AFX Cars were in local stores. I rebuilt a few tractor & car (SIMCA) engines plus transmissions by 15yo (I still have my ring-compressor and valve spring tool) I am a former mountain and road bike geek & perennial sound engineer. Struggling guitar hobbyist and Amp "tweeker"

Drag Race Pix – 2015 Aug 29

Drag Race – 2015 Aug 29Disappointing news, I think I misplaced the drag-race results : (  I had been transferring them from paper to a spreadheet, but the spreadsheet copies I have seem to have dummy records and not the actual ETS and wins….  I still have a few places to check but I think the…

Drag Races – July 25 2015

On Sat 7/25/15 we had our first experiment in drag racing 1/32 and 1/24 cars. Thanks to Steve, Rich, Kyle, Brett, and David for trying something different! After a smoke-test on Thur we reassembled the scale 1/8mile track (21ft from tree to trap with 4 feet of shutdown) on Sat.  Carerra track was mounted on three 8ft sections…

Group C IMSA – 2015 Race 6 Results

Our final race for the Group-C Slot.it challenge started with David (956), Kyle (Nissan) and Mark (962) for the B-Group. Mark and David were neck and neck for the first 3 minutes with Kyle only 1-2 laps behind. The traction of the track seemed to be holding up and there were a remarkable few de-slots.…

Group C IMSA – 2015 Race 5 Results

2015 Slot car Racing – Group-C #5 – story to follow soon! Order by Date Name Attachments 2015-GrpC-IMSA-5-Heat-results (61 kB)2015-GrpC-IMSA-5-A-Group (28 kB)2015-GrpC-IMSA-5-B-Group (28 kB)2015-GrpC-IMSA-5-Results (256 kB)

Group C IMSA – 2015 Race 4 Results

2015 Slot car Racing – Group-C #4 – story to follow soon! 2015-GrpC-IMSA-4-Results   Order by Date Name Attachments 2015-GrpC-IMSA-4-Heat-results (33 kB)2015-GrpC-IMSA-4-A-group (28 kB)2015-GrpC-IMSA-4-Results (255 kB)2015-GrpC-IMSA-4-B-group (27 kB)

Group C IMSA – 2015 Race 3 Results

Race #3 of the 2015 Group-C Series using Slot.It Challenger rules was held on May 16.  The weather was getting a little warmer and humidity was moderately high as we had a very wet spring this year with at least a small shower each week and what seemed like months of overcast skies.  We had…

Group C IMSA – 2015 Race 2 Results

Race #2 of the Group-C series was held on May 2, a moderately warm spring day that prompted us to turn on a few fans.  We had 7 racers, again with one Porsche 956, one Nissan, one Lancia and four 962s. Most of us were running Slot.It F30 tires but their stickiness seemed to come…

Group C IMSA – 2015 Race 1 Results

Group C Overall Results - Round 1 2015

We kicked off the Group-C series on April 18 with a field of nine racers. Porsche 956 and 962s were again favorites for this series with 5 entries. We also had two Nissans and one each of a Lancia and Jag. Heat-1 included Brett, Rich and Ary. Early on Rich lost a skirt on his…