NSR GT-3 Slot Car Racing – Round-1 – Apr 10 2021

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Our first round was the first time some of our members had raced their own car since one year ago, after the Covid-19 Pandemic caused several members to be concerned about infection from racing in close quarters. Unfortunately we still had a few people not able to attend, (and Dave was present but did not enter his Vette until round 2 in two weeks).

This was also a “shakedown” race of the new cars, and some of us had some major issues with handling of the cars, esp. the C7R and C6R Vettes (too loose in some corners).

Proxy drivers were David C (welcome back Butch!) in Yellow/1; Mark L/Spyder – Green/2; John B/Lotus Jr – Blue/3.
*as of 5/8 More Details will be added soon …    VIDEO  Slot Car Racing – NSR GT-3 – Round-1 – Apr 10 2021


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At 4-years old in Pensacola I repaired my steering linkage on my Ford Pedal-car. Dad later converted this car to a Blue Angel with ailerons and elevators with a working "stick/yoke"; the rudder was controlled by the steering wheel. I like all motorsports - I grew up going to a NASCAR Feeder track with Sportsman and Modified classes, and was lucky to attend drag races in 1970 at Orange County Raceway. My first solder-iron was a Christmas gift at 9yo; I modified T-Jets to be AFX spec before AFX Cars were in local stores. I rebuilt a few tractor & car (SIMCA) engines plus transmissions by 15yo (I still have my ring-compressor and valve spring tool) I am a former mountain and road bike geek & perennial sound engineer. Struggling guitar hobbyist and Amp "tweeker" 

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