Ford vs Ferrari Race #6 and Final Results

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Ford vs. Ferrari
Round 6
June 3, 2023
by Lotus Jr.

It was a very warm Saturday at ASCC headquarters for the final round of Ford vs. Ferrari. We had a great turnout with 7 Ford GT40s and 3 Ferraris 330 & 412ps. The series has been very competitive and the cars have turned better times than expected. Several custom liveries have enhanced the entries.

Heat One had Marty taking the win with 79 laps in his white NART Ferrari originally driven by Pedro Rodriquez. Marty said Pedro was paid $300 to drive the car at Lemans in the 60s. Brian was second with his Gulf GT40 posting 68 laps. Randy followed with his Allan Mann GT 40 and 63 laps.

Heat Two brought in John with his Ken Miles Daytona GT40. Marty was first with 71 laps and a 3.941. Second was John running 69 laps and third was Randy with 63.

Heat Three had Marc running his sharp custom silver GT40 and first with 68 laps and 4.067 best. John was second with 67. Randy ran third with 66 laps and a 4.22 best. This was one of the closer heats of the day.

Heat Four saw Dave’s black GT40 take the win with 72 laps and 3.892 best. John ran 71 laps for second and Marc did 66 laps.

Heat Five had Dave win again with 74 laps, Marc ran second with 63 laps. Jay ran his first heat but had a lead wire come loose on lap 2. Jay repaired the wire and came back to run 27 laps.

Heat Six had Steve finishing first with his blue and yellow very quick GT40 posting 72 laps, Dave was a very close second also with 72 laps. Jay’s red Ferrari ran third with 60.

Heat Seven’s first place went to Steve running 72 laps and the day’s quickest time of 3.865. Second was Melvin’s custom green Ferrari posting 62 laps followed by Jay at 60 and a 4.288 best lap. Melvin had a spectacular crash across the infield ending up on the track behind the bridge.

Heat Eight saw first again going to Steve with 74 laps. Erik made his first run with his custom red Ferrari at 66 laps. Third went to Melvin with 62 laps. Steve was absolutely flying today while hitting everything but the pace car.

Heat Nine was a very close heat with Erik taking the win with 69 laps and a 4.165 best. Brian was second in his Gulf GT40 running 69 laps and a 3.869 best. Brian was .004 seconds behind Steve’s best time of the day in heat seven. Melvin ran third with 64 laps and a 4.291 best.

Heat Ten brought Marty back to win with 72 laps and 3.984 best. Erik ran second with 69 and Brian ran third with 60. Brian’s tires appeared to have gone off after his fast heat nine time. Also, there were marbles everywhere on the track contributing to traction issues.


Steve took the overall win with 218.36 laps. Dave ran second with a very close 218.07. Marty’s Ferrari was third running 217.85 laps. As Ford vs. Ferrari comes to a close, we salute these Iconic cars and their drivers that became legends at LeMans.


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