2020 Group C – Round 1 Results

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The clubs first race of the 2020 season and in our new location was this past Saturday.  It was going to be interesting as the last time we raced on the track we had just performed a deep cleaning and removed the top layer of worn in rubber.  The lack of rubber combined with dust from the room made traction very hard to find.  Racers could get their cars to hook up for a couple of laps after they cleaned their tires but the grip went away shortly after.  This would make this first round of the Group C series very interesting.   

The first race of the year had 13 racers – a great turn out for our first race.  It was great to get back to racing again and it was great to see everyone come together. 

The final results show exactly how close the racing was in the thirteen heats.  It also showed the two racers at the top that were able to run 3.8 second laps and run over 220 laps.  Why were these two able to run more laps?  Granted, they are good racers but there are others that are just as fast if not faster.  When you look closer you discover that these were the only two racers running Slot It’s N22 tires.  It looks like the race was more than who was the fastest, it was who selected the correct tires. 

It will be interesting to see how the next round of the series goes now that tire choice is part of the equation. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone back on the 18th for the second round of the series.




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