2013 Scalextric GT Series – Round 1

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The first round of the Scalextric GT series saw a thin field of racers due to “real life” interferring with one our favorite pastimes, Slot Car Racing at ASCC.  Never the less, those who were ready and available took to the track to test their best initial tuning attempts against the other drivers.  Watch the race right here and click through for the results.

This is the first Scalextric series that allowed guide and running gear modifications, and it showed.  Lap times and deslots were both much lower than our previous Scaley series, with the cars much better behaved.  Still… with an average lap time across the field of 4.532 and a fast lap of 4.183, this racer expects that there is still some performance to be found in these cars. I’m sure I speak for all of the racers who weren’t able to make the first race when I say thanks to the intrepid “first rounders” for setting the performance bar. At least we know what to tune to, even if we haven’t put our cars under race conditions yet.

The results follow, and the standard spreadsheets are attached for your own analysis.

Scalextric GT Round 1 Results

2013 Scalextric GT Round 1 Leader Board


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