2012 El Piloto Series #1 – Round 4 Results

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Round 4 of the El Piloto race was held on Saturday, April 28.  The El Piloto race features equally prepared 1/24 scale Renault Megane cars from BRM. This series is modeled after the IROC series in that individual are not allowed to tune the cars to their taste, and the drivers rotate through each lane, but the cars do not. This effectively levels the playing field in terms of car tuning and focuses on the racer’s ability to adjust to the performance nuances between cars and lanes.

Attendance was a little light for this race; with several racers taking advantage of the scoring rule that lets them drop one session due to personal schedule conflicts without incurring a penalty in the final standings.  (Five out of six scheduled races are counted towards the final score.)

The thinner field on Saturday did not make the racing any less exciting or enjoyable.  Marty definitely came with his “A” game this week, turning in very consistent runs in every lane (68, 68, and 68.66 laps) for a total of 204.66 laps.  For reasons unknown, the green lane gave the rest of the field trouble on this race day, causing one, two, and even three lap setbacks in the field for the other four racers.  The initial impressions by at least a couple of racers was that the green car was performing off the pace that day, but when Marty rotated into the green lane and turned in 68 laps we all had to accept the fact that it wasn’t the car, it was the racer.

The overall standings changed only slightly after this race, with the top four positions fairly entrenched in that tier.  However, there are still two more races where anything could happen to mix it up.

Good luck to all the racers as we approach the end of the El Piloto series.

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Round 4 Results

Round 4 Lane Summary

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