2017 Tourist Trophy Celebration

The British Royal Automobile Club Tourist Trophy Celebration is a race for closed-cockpit GT cars of 1960-64. The race takes place at the Goodwood Circuit during the Revival festival and gathers together a multi-million dollar start grid for an action packed round of racing. In 2017 the Austin Slot Car Club will pay homage to it in 1/32 scale.

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2017 Slot.it Group-C / IMSA Series

Return with us to the days of MTV and Nintendo and the sleek Group C and GTP Prototype race cars. These ultimate sports racers, from the bulletproof Porsche 956/962 to the Jaguars, Toyotas, Nissans, Mazdas, and more, battled for supremacy at Le Mans, Spa and Sebring and racetracks all over the world.

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2017 NSR Porsche 917

Described by British magazine Motor Sport as the ‘greatest racing car in history’, in addition to its Le Mans wins, the Porsche 917 - powered by an air-cooled, boxer, 12-cylinder, 4.5-litre, 520-horsepower engine - holds, to this day, the record for fastest qualifying lap, an incredible 3:13.90 done in 1971 by Pedro Rodríguez. Will the NSR scale version be as impressive?

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2017 WRC

The World Rally Championship is widely regarded as the most challenging motorsport championship in the world. Each year's rallies take place in several countries were drivers battle one at a time to complete stages as quickly as possible on surfaces ranging from gravel and tarmac to snow and ice - fastest overall time wins. The club's 2017 series will spotlight WRC cars of 2005-15 and two tracks.

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2017 Group 5 Series

The years of 1976-82 were host to the 4th Generation Group 5 Series. The period rules dictated that the lines of a production car needed to be maintained above the wheel arches, mostly everything else was unrestricted. These turbocharged Monsters with 500+ HP under the hood and no traction control or fancy driving aids demanded every last bit of skill of those who dared tame them.

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2017 Group 5 Round 5 Results

Round 5 of the 2017 Group 5 Race Series saw a good battle for second place between Marty and Alejandro, with Marty completing 216 laps and Alejandro completing 213.  David was out front with 230 laps and Steve had 208.  Shawn had a disastrous race when a motor lead came loose in his first heat, dropping him to last.  This was a pretty tough break.  Once again Austin had a great drive getting 205 laps…

2017 Group 5 Round 4 Results

Round 4 of the 2017 Group 5 Race Series went as expected; there was David and then there was everyone else.  David finished with a remarkable 231 laps.  Jordan and Marty fought for second with Jordan coming in with 222.9 laps and Marty, in the new Lancia, finishing with 220 laps even.  Shawn and Alejandro followed, and Russell, after working on the Martini Porsche, went slower than before.  After problems Steve finished further back.  In…