H1 2023: Ford vs Ferrari

Recreate the drama and excitement of the 1966 Le Mans as the club takes Slot.it's GT40s and Policar's Ferrari 320P's and 412P's to battle to see who comes out on top in 2023.

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Q1 2023: Slot.it Group-C

Return with us to the days of MTV and Nintendo and the sleek Group C and GTP Prototype race cars. Slot cars eligible for this series are limited to any of the Group C/IMSA GTPs from the Slot.it and tuning...

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Q2: RevoSlot Rally

1970 saw the introduction of new rules that created the new Group 2 category. This was the first golden era for touring car racing with the Ford Capris and Escorts racing against the likes of BMW and Alfa Romeo...

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Q4: Policar Vintage F1

Change was in the wind for Formula One in the early 1970s. Gone were the spindly high-winged efforts of the turn of the decade, as the age of aero was starting to get underway.

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RevoSlot Group 2 Rally Series – Round 4

Results Posted – Story to Follow Racers listed in red have already missed two or more rounds and will not be classified in the final results.   Order by Date Name Attachments Round #4 Results (55 kB)Overall Results after Round #4 (65 kB)RevoSlot Group 2 Rally Series (244 kB)