H1 2023: Ford vs Ferrari

Recreate the drama and excitement of the 1966 Le Mans as the club takes Slot.it's GT40s and Policar's Ferrari 320P's and 412P's to battle to see who comes out on top in 2023.

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Q1 2023: Slot.it Group-C

Return with us to the days of MTV and Nintendo and the sleek Group C and GTP Prototype race cars. Slot cars eligible for this series are limited to any of the Group C/IMSA GTPs from the Slot.it and tuning...

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Slot.it Group C Series – Round 2

Slot.it Group C Series – Round 2 The second round of the Slot.it Group C series was another good one with the competition being faster and closer than ever. After the first round there were two weeks for the competitors to spend doing some additional tuning and reflection on how they were going to get quicker in this round. This round had a solid field of 13 racers. With everyone from the previous round joined…

Slot.it Group C Series – Round 1

The first round of the club’s annual Slot.it Group C race series was held this past Saturday the 7th of January. This series is always a club favorite and has been running as long as the club has been around, in fact, it was the first series the club ran back in 2010. With such a great history everyone was looking forward to running the series for its 13th year in a row. The club…